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Thread: Any Facebook addicts here?

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    Any Facebook addicts here?

    I'm almost always on Facebook either in the background or just playing around on games, especially since I'm on bed rest. I try to make sure I get all my phone calls and other stuff in and not touch Facebook until 5 PM which I've been doing pretty good with lately, after all I am looking for a place to live and getting ready to go back to school. But you can still catch me on Facebook. Up until around 1 AM.
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    I'm on there more than I should be but can't say I'm addicted. I think I need to scale back my access to technology. Laptop, iPad,'s too accessible. I like Pinterest, care cure, Facebook and If I have a moment of idle time then I'm on phone or iPad.
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    I keep my facebook window in the background (minimized) from the time I turn my computer on until I turn it off. I mostly only check what's on my wall so I can make humorous responses to my FB friends comments or to make an occasional post of my own. I wouldn't call myself an addict though, as I don't post my every move of the day online. The people who do that seem to be more bored than I am and that is really sad.

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    Ever since hooking the notifications up from my Crackberry and now my iPhone, yes - far too much! Perhaps I should uninstall on my phone!
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    I like me some fb.

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    I'm hopelessly addicted to FB.
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    didn't think I ever would be but...yes

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    Ha! Ha! Ha! I quit that 3X finding I make far more progress doing therapy instead of farting around on Facebook.
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    I'm on it alot more than I 'm here now

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    more into live chatting with a group so I chat in the late night America early morning british late afternoon time slot at disabilities-r-us.

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