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Thread: Shit people say to the disabled

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    Hey valley...your avatar. Is that the rear end of a Merc W210 E55?...Bloody nice car.

    Aufrecht Melcher know what's funny about that...AMG?'s also (in German) Ach Mein Gott...or as we know it Oh My God...or OMG...lolz. It seems fitting for such a beast of a car.
    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.

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    Wheelman21: I love your comment. I can just picture this scene in a movie! I got a chuckle out of it, too.

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    I find it's not necessarily what people say but how they say it.

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    sorry for my poor english

    Few weeks ago, I walked with my crutches and heard in the backround

    It would have been better if he had died

    Now a nice one

    Airport in India, waiting room with ca 100 people. Airport stuff at the other end of the room shout "Do you enjoy life?" I shout back: " 100 %,- ok 99"
    Most people had to laugh

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    It really annoys me when AB's just come up and start helping you, without you asking for, or ok'ing it. The ever popular, "can I help you with that"? Or "Are you a veteran"? "We're you shot"? "How do you go to the bathroom"? "Did you drive here"? "You're lucky you get the good parking spots". "Want to race"? "Can you feel your legs"? "Lets take a walk"? "Can you move your legs at all"? "Can I push you"? "If you can move your legs at all, you are not paraplegic". "You're too young to be in a chair"? "You had so much life ahead of you".

    I know people are trying to be friendly and helpful, and I'm mindful of that, but they just don't get it. I guess they believe that if you are in a chair, you cant do anything for your self. I like to tell them, "I'm in a chair, I'm not dead". That one usually drives the point home. lol.
    "You can accomplish anything, given the proper application of motivation and will power."~ CJ Richards

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    Oh they get it trust me, most of the disabled Community doesn't get it, They have forgotten or live in denial.

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    I was in one of those Motel breakfast rooms recently when a guy, in what I assume was a pretty expensive suit, it looked it, said , while sort of looking my way, made the snide ramark, "some folks heave lived long enough anyway". I wished he were speaking of himself, but I knew he was directing it at me. Now he did not know me, or what has happened during my 75 years, how can such a Jackass make such a remark? But there are plenty of them to go around.

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    I received this yesterday from an aid "It's so admirable that you make a point to keep your mind sharp."
    Ugh. I could say the same thing back in different wording, unfortunately I just don't think it would even make an impression. The list goes on and on.

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    Why is it lack of knowledge or intelligence, to be ignorant to something as irrelevant as the life and ability (which is completely different between each injury) of the disabled? Unless you or someone close to you (and you will be decently involved in their life) is disable there is no logical reason to understand or even be aware of specifics. There are FAR more important, relevant, practical etc things to focus on when your able bodied. Why waste brain space on something completely useless to your life, involving such an insignificant percentage of the population. Your barly even likely to notice a disabled, let alone actually interact with. Especially to the point where that knowledge is necessary or even relevant. Sesh!!

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    I love this thread!
    For me, it seems once I got to an age where my grey hairs were hard to ignore, many of the comments stopped. Guess folks just expect an oldster in a wheelchair to be pretty useless. They would flip if they knew how active I have continued to be.

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