Hello everyone,

I'm new here so I hope this is in the right forum. I'm a care giver to our 12 year old who got hit by encephalitis about 5-1/2 years ago. We live a bit off the beaten track as far as good PT and equipment availability is concerned, so we've had to make do and mend a little.

Our child is chair-bound with pretty poor motor skills - right sided hemiparesis which also affects his speech. His spine's a little crooked but he tries hard to take steps when we hold him up, though sometimes he gets a little cross-legged or ends up taking bunny hops.

My reason for posting is to seek any opinions/advice about a gait trainer I'm having built for him. It's loosely based on the Litegait models but with no "arch" to go over a treadmill, as we don't have one.

I've put the drawings up on my blog in case they're useful for anyone who wants to have a go at building one of their own. I noticed there's a CAD repository here too, so I'll get the final drawings done in CAD once we've built the thing. You can see the drawings at the following link:


I had to use my best guess on a couple of the dimensions - I think width and height are ok but my only worry is the distance between the harness suspension point and the main upright.

If anyone has a Litegait they could maybe take some measurements off for me it'd be a big help.

You'll see the design I have allows for coarse adjustment of the main column using a series of holes which will probably have metal pins with their ends threaded, and I intend using a car bottle jack to raise the top bit.

We're hoping to get started on making it this week, so if anyone has any experience with these and can see any problems we might encounter either building or using it then I'd really welcome some more input on this project.