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Thread: Leg retraction

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    Leg retraction

    Wise a few broad questions. Leg retraction, is it a different neurological "system" than leg extension? How much is abdomen a part of leg retraction? Big part of my mess my abdomen was all messed up. That was left open for a very long time due to bleeding and other issues. They did skin graphs from my thighs 2-3 times and each time had to tear those off and throw away due to more bleeding. Supposedly theyhave even taken some muscle out. Even had colostomy, but that was reversed due to continual leaking because of placement on hip bone. FINAL operation was reverse colostomy, stretch skin from both sides lower ab and sew me up. Supposedly somewhere at some point there was blood apparently lying on spinal cord. That is what they say may have caused damage. With all of this and therapy I am doing now, I seem to have gotten most or all muscles hip down at least executing in extension. Many I have working I think many ways all the way to toes. MY DIFFICULTY IS LEG RETRACTION. I QUESTION HOW MUCH OF A ROLE DOES ABDOMEN PLAY IN RETRACTION? When I was in water therapy about 1 year ago and lying on back only supported with foam "tube" at hip, the therapist had me basically doing walking lying on my back in the water. This was hip roll and the correct leg retracting. I assume water took the place of what actual abdomen would be required without support. Does this make sense?
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