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Thread: Access. whalewatching boat in Kona?

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    Access. whalewatching boat in Kona?

    Going to Kona, HI next week. We have been a lot, have a beach chair and do lots of great stuff. (snorkel, kayak, etc) this time I want to go out on a boat and whalewatch. Has anyone found an accessible boat that goes out whalewatching?

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    I found one- Body Glove, out of Kona. My chair B_A_R_E_L_Y fit in the bathroom and I had to do tricky transfer, but the trips are short so that could be avoided. The crew was super friendly and helpful. They said I could go on a snorkel trip and they would get me up and down the ladder from the water. I think I prefer our kayak for that...

    Our boat wasn't full at all so that helped a LOT I think. If I go again, I think I'll call and ask specifically for a time when that is the case again.

    Saw lots of humpback whales spouting & jumping in the distance. Very cool...

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