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Thread: CREEPY IS AS CREEPY DOES: The Secret World of Disability Trolls

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    Charlotte's Web - Once you join a Facebook Group, all the member's can see your posts EVEN IF YOU BLOCKED THAT PERSON.

    Facebook Group's are OPEN, CLOSED, or SECRET.

    OPEN - EVERYONE can see everything posted along with the member list.
    CLOSED - Only members can see the content, but EVERYONE can see the member list.
    HIDDEN - Only members can see the content and member list.

    Clearly a Hidden Group is the safest. But the problem exists when the other members of a hidden group are TROLLS/PREDATORS. In that case, every member of the Group is at-risk because the Troll Member feeds the information to other Trolls. The Troll Member also invites his Troll Friends to join the Group.

    As a result, a Hidden Group can become overwhelmed with Trolls. These Trolls sit in the background to escape notice while they devour information and look for vulnerabilities.

    The hidden They Walk We Roll Group on Facebook is an example of this situation. There are in the range of 50-75 Trolls in this Group of 400 members for spinal cord injury. The members of the Group happily post about their sex lives, bathroom routines, and psychological states without realizing that every post is seen by all these Trolls.

    The ADMINS do nothing to remove the Trolls, thus putting all the members at-risk. The ADMINS are in such denial about the Trolls that they continually add new Trolls to the Group.
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