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Thread: kidney stone pain?

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    kidney stone pain?

    I guess I'm prone to bladder and kidney stones. A year ago I had one blasted and just found out at my annual physical this year that I have two in my left kidney. They aren't blocking the flow of urine and the larger of the two I'm told is 11mm in size.

    A consult has been sent to my urologist who I assume will schedule me to come in and have them removed. My question is, if they were causing me pain, would it be a constant pain or could it be something that is killing me one day and barely noticeable the next?

    I've been having pain in my lower back that comes and goes for whatever reason and wonder if it could be the result of those kidney stones? Or (I ask myself), is it more like the constant pain I have from my butt to my feet that varies in intensity and doesn't seem to have an origin?

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    Yes, it can be the pain in your back, mine for whatever reason are always on my side.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    After learning of the stones it dawned on me later that when I do have the back pain, it's on that same side in my lower back. Before then I was thinking maybe it was my posture, my clothing, etc. SCI has never failed to keep me guessing and thinking far too much about basic bodily functions.

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    When I had my stones the pain would come and go in waves. So yes, that sounds like kidney stone pain.

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    My stone pain starts in my hip. Then works its way up to the famous flank pain. I always get bad bladder spasms and pain prior to the realization I have a stone.

    I hate being a stone former. Is there a way to lower the incidence?

    The most recent horror was in a salivary gland. Get hungry, smell pizza, mouth waters, saliva backs up. OMG pain! Face swelled up, looked like mumps. It made me appreciate the reduced sensation in my 2 yearly kidney stones, below my sci level. Pre-sci gallbladder attacks were hell. Post-sci I have had kidney stones that hurt bad enough to make me puke.

    Is there any other place stones can form? Tear ducts? I don't want any more self-diagnosis. I can tell it's a stone when I ponder DIY surgery w/ bullet or steak knife.

    Flomax is said to help pass kidney stones. I hate going to th ER w/ them b/c it makes me look like a drug seeker. I never have blood in urine until it passes out entirely. Recently read the blood is backed up behind the stone. Makes sense. I need to go to the ER for them b/c of Auto dysreflexia...but usually I get an attitude and no help otherwise.

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    And yes, the pain comes in waves.

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    I get autonomic dysreflexia as well, but haven't ever experienced it from kidney stones, only bladder stones that have blocked my catheter.

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