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Thread: pressure sore stories?

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    pressure sore stories?

    I've been a quadriplegic since was not until about a year ago that I experienced my first pressure sore. I've never really realized how blessed I am2 of gone so many years without a major problem. This time I guess I hit the jackpot! I have a small pressure sore located in the crease of my thigh. At its deepest, it was 2 centimeters and about a pencil eraser in width. I've been in bed for about 4 months and it still has to heal another centimeters. I understand this will now be a problematic area for me.I'd like to hear what other people do to avoid future problems.does everyone have recurring sores after they're healing?please tell me your stories. Especially the good ones. Thanks!

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    What cushion do you use?

    Have you had your seating pressure mapped?

    All the best,

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    I had a pressure sore on my isch. It was a surface wound that I was treating on my own (dumb) for several months. It didn't look deep and I continued to sit on it for 14-16 hours a day. I started running a fever and then a light bulb went off that I was a moron. I went to the wound care clinic and they admitted me to the hospital asap because the wound tunned about 4cm. The did a debris surgery, put a wound vac on and sent me home with home health care a few days later (August 2010). By December it still wasnt healed so we did the flap surgery (January 2011). I was on bed rest for 8 weeks in a clintron bed. I slowly started sitting up and have never had a problem since (knock on wood). My scar is about 4 inches long. Here are some things I do to avoid going through that nightmare again.

    Replaced all toilet seats with cushioned seats

    Remodeled my shower to a roll in and installed a fold down padded shower bench seat

    Added a memory foam mattress topper to my bed and a layer of medical grad sheep skin to sleep on at night. I do not sleep with clothes on because I don't want anything restricting my skin while I sleep.

    I put sween cream on my butt and legs a few times a week

    Get off my butt a couple of times a day when possible

    LOTS of pressure releases

    Drive with sheep skin in my car seat

    Take a travel toilet seat cushion to sit on at hotels or friends houses

    INSPECT my butt with a hand mirror every night when I get in bed. I also rub my hand all over my scar and surrounding area to ensure that everything feels right.

    Eat over 100 grams of protein everyday

    Take Vitamin D, C, and calcium

    Drink lots of water

    Smooth transfers to avoid shearing

    Carefully pick my clothing so that I'm not sitting on seams, buttons or anything else that would hurt my skin.


    Good luck to you getting this healed up soon. Pressure sores are such a life changer. I'm sorry you're going through this.
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    Oh yes, Have a seating specialist do a pressure mapping for you so you can ensure you're on the right cushion.
    DFW TEXAS- T-10 since March 20th, 1994

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    I got my first pressure sore one year post injury. A PT put me on an uncovered roho and sat my heavy gel cushion on my lap for the ride home. Saw here because I had red spot. Got worse. 3 VNA nurses were putting sauve in it and covering with a dressing.

    I later learned at UW that it was tunneling. Then I spent 8 months in bed trying to heal it. Then came the failed flap surgery.

    I finally healed it myself.... 17 years ago. Another area plagued me in the last few years. Tried everything.

    NO PRESSURE IS KEY.... and...
    I swear by the following 2 products. I put wound honey on a ischial sore and puracyn on top of it. Puracyn is amazing stuff. Finally healed fast after messing with it for months. I cover with a nonstick polymem foam dressing.. they aren't cheap but work for me. insurance covered the dressings.

    watch youtube videos on microcyn.. same stuff as puracyn. GOOD LUCK.

    experience - 18 years of dealing with sores. Read the reviews on amazon. Puracyn is amazing. Its interesting that both are pretty natural products. The body can heal itself.

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    I second the Puracyn (Microcyn) recommendation. That stuff is da bomb when it comes to wound healing. Soak a telfa pad with it, place on wound, tape in place, change twice a day with ZERO pressure on it, I mean zero, nada, zilch. Then expect miraculous healing.
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    Silver Sulfadiazine works great also
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    Just finished healing a stage 2 sore on my IT. Used a tegaderm hydrocolloid thin. Stayed off it for the majority of the day. Only getting up to eat and use the washroom. I use glutamine for post workout recovery and found out that it is used to heal burn patients so increased my intake of that. Also read that glutamine combined with l-arginine was shown to increase healing so I tried it. Can't say for sure but it seemed to have an effect. Took 4 weeks to completely heal.

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    Get checked for osteo. A non-healing wound that has a lot of wound exudate is a sure sign.
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    Weight shifts? pressure relief EVERY 15 minutes or sooner- no matter what!!!!
    No matter what cushion- even the best- thas needs to be done to PREVENT breakdown. As well as high protein diet with vitamins , drinking enough water etc...

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