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Ease of shifting is one of the single most important factors. If you find it uncomfortable to shift, you won't always shift when you need to and that is going to end up being a lot more stress on your shoulders.

Don't think of this as 15 miles over 3 days, a month away isn't an emergency fix. What you need is the most comfortable system you can afford. This is going to effect the quality of every mile on every ride you make in the future.

I'm going to list some systems, starting with the ridiculously expensive.

•Electric shifters. Shimano Di2. Price, upwards of $2k. HOWEVER, try contacting the head office directly at (949) 951-5003 and ask for their liaison for disabled riders. I don't have his number anymore, but as of 2011 they were offering disabled riders the same discount employees get. You in particular, with your high media profile, might be a candidate for sponsorship.

•The Quad Elite Shifters seen in this thread. Price: $1100-ish.

•Replace the levers. Custom work by a local shop, probably under $200, but if they have to fabricate new levers it will be on the high side and if there is an off the shelf solution it will be a lot lower. You still have to pull your hand out, but you should be able to easily move the levers.

First thing though, call BikeOn today. They are good people and take pride in their work. The want to help you have a great ride, and right now you aren't.
Thanks dude. Ill make some phone calls Monday. Sponsorship would be amazing. There is going to be some media around the ride for sure too