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Thread: first handcycle?

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    first handcycle?

    i am interested in buying my first handcycle. i plan on using it for recreation, working up to a marathon. it would also be nice to have the option of using it on unpaved surfaces at times. i am quite concerned with being able to transfer in and out of it, so i don't want anything super low. and, since i'm a beginner, i'm looking for something with good quality at a reasonable price. i'm t3 complete by the way. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Freedom Ryder FRH or FRH1A or Lasher. Also look into a Roadrace Power Pod. Mark Brerton at Roadrace had a Intrepid for sale at a great price.

    Handycling is probably one of the bet things you can do for yourself.

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    How can I get info on the intrepid that he has for sale?

  4. #4 would be a way. or look up his profile and send an email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarantella View Post
    i plan on using it for recreation, working up to a marathon. it would also be nice to have the option of using it on unpaved surfaces at times. i am quite concerned with being able to transfer in and out of it, so i don't want anything super low.
    I have a gorgeous 27-speed Top End XLT Gold in House of Kolor Sunrise Pearl for sale:

    The bike is race ready and is in excellent condition. It has high quality components, carbon fiber upgrades, and titanium hardware. It is light and not super low, so it's easy to transfer in and out of it. Plus, it doesn't bottom out over speed bumps and can climb steep hills with ease. I won two marathons in it, even going up against lower bikes, so it's no slouch. Comes with matching medium/large helmet. PM me if interested.

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    If you are a first-time triker, it is extremely important that you actually sit in some different trikes and test how each feels on your body. Most trikes are highly adjustable, but just as a wheelchair is not one size fits all, one trike that is perfect for one rider is pure hell for another.

    A penny saved on initial cost is not worth putting up with a trike that you will not find comfortable and will therefore not ride as often.

    I don't know where you live, but I would be happy to help you find the closest shops that have a few different ones to try. There may also be riders near you who you can ask for a test drive. I have never known a triker who didn't want to show off his baby.

    You might also look for a rally passing near you. The riders will be glad to talk to anyone with an interest.

    When I got my trike, I did a ton of research, shortlisted five trikes, and arranged for a drive out to the shop to test them out. (I was recovering at Walter Reed at the time). The trike I came home with wasn't even on my short list. It was a different model from one of my shortlisted manufacturers. But it just felt right for me.
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    I never got to try my first handcycle but I bought it from bike-on and they do have a return policy you have to give measurement's and there are adjustments in most Handcycles. you get what you pay for. No Freedom Ryder's unless you want to be stuck with a heavy out of date hand cycle..JMOP..Compared to Top End they are years behind.

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    Crash you have no idea of the quality of a F/R. For a t/3 rec. rider who doesn't want to sit low, I'd look at the Freedeom Ryder FRh of FRH 1A. He said he didn't want to sit low. A t/3 should be able to transfer in and out of the FRH without any difficulty at all. There's no knee lifting when turning a corner like there is with the T/E rec. bikes. Much more adjustment for the cranks also in the F/R.

    Fi looking for a good used bike, Richards T/E would be a great deal though it's a longer transfer.

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    Patrick yes I do now the quality of F/R I have 2 buddy's who have had them and neither one said they would ever buy one again. I have been riding with them for the last 8 yrs. You do get what you pay for and for 4,000 for a F/R I would spend a little less and by a G. Richard has a real nice bike for sale. That is nicer than a new F/R by far.

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    The guy is a T/3 who doesn't want to sit low. The G is what 4 inches off the ground. Legs lift up when a person makes a sharp turn. Road compensators rip if turned too sharp or fork not supported when transferring. I've owned two G's. They were okay but all the above is a constant occurance on that style. They're basically the same style as a Top End Pro or Gold, just configured to sit lower.

    I'm not knocking a T/E and haven't said anything a T/E owner doesn't experience. Would sure like to know what your friends didn't like about a F/R

    Perhaps your buddies want to race and ride a Force of somekind. I nor anyone else I know have any complaints on the Freedom Ryder quality. I've made major changes on my FRH as I did all my other bikes but not because I had too. Richards G is a great bike because he made it that way and is designed for a lower injury level.

    As the poster said, He wants to do rec. riding with building up to a marathon and ride offroad. I know from owning them a G is not conducive to riding off road because of the trail clearnce on a G. Both bikes ahve their qualities. If a person wants to race, avoid speed bumps and ride smooth roads; a T/E Force is a good bike. If a person want to ride rec. and do what the poster wants in a bike, there are others to look at. F/R being one and Lasher being another.

    I don't want to get into a pissing contest with you but saying a F/r is junk when you've never ridden one is disingenuous.
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