Hi guys, I'm new here.

After spending last 7 years in Quickie, I'm switching to TiLite.
I read big amount of posts here, but I still have few big dilemmas.

I'm 6'4" 218 lbs, now sitting in Helium (European version of Q7)
SW 16.5"
SD 17.3"
FSH 18.9"
RSH 15.7"
BH 14.8"
24" wheel
(odd dimensions are from conversion from cm)

I measured OFL, it is 24" in my current chair.

I would go with this specs on Tilite:
SW 17"
SD 17.5" + 1" frame length
FSH 19"
RSH 15.5"
BH 15" + ROHO Agility back with integrated fold down pushandles
front angle: 85 deg

Now, my Q and dilemmas:

1. TR3 or ZR?
I read several posts about better stiffness and rolling performance of TR3, but my concern is in-car loading.
I put my frame on back seat, behind co-driver seat. Does anybody have some pics or video of chair loaded like that? I didn't found any on YouTube.
And yeah, I don't fold my back while loading it on back seat.

2. Ergo seat
I found it very interesting, and I think my posture would be better and probably prevent pelvic obliquity.
But, I don't know how would I measure it, should I stay at 3.5" dump?
I'm using ROHO Quadtro select low prifile

3. Seat width
I now have sw 42 cm (equal to 16.5 inch), but distance between sideguards is about 44 cm (17.3"). I use fendered carbon sideguards, and i'll order the same one on Tilite chair.
Does sideguard clamps adds width to chair? Maybe I should use 16" SW? or also order custom dimension 16.5"?

4. Fendered carbon sudeguards
Yes, I'm from Europe, and here we are using fendered sideguards
I would choose Fendered Removable s-guards, but I'm used to not remove those while folding back (when I'm not loading chair in car, my GF folds back down and put whole chair in trunk of my caravan (A4 Avant)).
My question is, can I fold back down with CF sideguards on?

I think that would be it (at least for now)

Thanks for reading and helping