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Thread: Aw s#(*! Shingles.

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    Sending healing thoughts your way!

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    I didn't know this vaccine even existed. Thanks for letting us know.

    I hope you get well soon. Hopefully the medicine will help you.

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    Shingles vaccine is not a guarantee, but it significantly decreases your risk for shingles (it is about 68% effective). Everyone over the age of 50-60 should discuss the pros and cons of getting it with their provider. I got it myself as soon as I turned 60, and my insurance covered it 100%. I saw my father go through nearly 20 years of daily pain with post-herpatic neuropathy after having shingles in his late 60s, and hope that it does not happen to me.

    Much of the research about this vaccine was done at the VA Medical Center where I work.

    Here is some additional information about this vaccine from the CDC.


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