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Thread: Oh, for an ordinary life...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    The scent of lavender does it for some. Besides, chocolate a bedtime, without brushing your teeth afterwards, is going to put you on very friendly terms with your dentist.

    All the best,
    Yes mom. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    Sniff it? If that does not work then just down it. lol That stuff is 70 to 90 proof. It will put a glow on your day.
    Now that's a heck of a backup plan.

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    I hope it gets better for you too. Heal up quickly Scott.
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    Thanks all for the get wells and commiseration... This is the second flap in pretty much the same spot from eight years ago. Apparently, I had some prominent bone growths on the ischium area which caused the reoccurrence (sp). Hopefully the bone smoothening and flap will heal well and not regrow... I don't think my butt or sanity can handle another surgery.
    As for the nightly chocolate, I'll be drinking either a chocolate Ensure or Boost for a long while for the extra protein.
    And as for everyone having a struggle and there being no ordinary life, the life I had pre-injury (as boring/mundane as I thought it was), it now seems like a glorious dream.

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    I wish you speedy healing.

    This thread reminded me of an immediate reaction I had last night while watching the Oscar clips for best movie. Regarding the Life of Pi I saw an analogy between the story and sci.

    You're out at sea. Your ship goes down. You make it to a lifeboat. There's a tiger on the lifeboat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancientgimp View Post
    You're out at sea. Your ship goes down. You make it to a lifeboat. There's a tiger on the lifeboat.
    We've discovered now that the head of the third metatarsal in my right foot has grown larger AGAIN and must have been pushing on the foot of the hospital sand bed, which has caused a dark spot on it. Quite likely, I'll be having foot surgery once my bed-rest is done.

    What's with this bone growth shit?

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    Good luck. Life is an undefined crapshoot for sci -- after 20 years it becomes a bigger challenge.

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    Hope you feel better soon Scott.

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    I hope you heal quickly and able to have a better year after recovery.
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