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Thread: Safest way to do transactions? (paypal?)

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    Safest way to do transactions? (paypal?)

    Is Paypal the safest way to accept payment for a transaction/sale of equipment?

    I know personal checks are not a good idea since they can look like they get cashed then bounce 2-4 weeks later.

    What about USPS money orders or cashiers checks?

    I was just thinking with Paypal once they send you the money and it's in your paypal account then you are safe as the seller.

    With the Empi unit I was trying to sell I got about 4 people wanting to send personal checks that were obviously scams.

    So is Paypal the safest?

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    pretty much so, you can accept a money order, then once you cash it, send the item, but paypal is faster and easier. I see your selling, but paypal is best especially as a buyer, you have protection against fraud.. I sell alot on ebay which uses paypal, but im on a sportscard forum(hobby of mine), where cards are bought and sold and we do all our deals through paypal also..
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    I've used paypal for over 10 years now. Never a problem.
    NEVER accept checks, and always get ur money before shipping goods.

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    Paypal is good, but can take longer to get your money. I used Square Up now for most of my stuff-- money typically goes into our account the same day/night
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    Walmart money store

    For a small fee they can send the money to any walmart. Kinda like western union. You just pick a state and the money can be picked up at any walmart in that state. They will have to give your name, ID and a secret question, in return walmart gives you a code to use to pick up the funds. I've used it and it works well.

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    Ok thanks, I might still sell my Empi, I just didn't get but one response to it.

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    I think Paypal is the safest option. They also offer buyer and seller protection and tracking is included in the transactions.

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    I've sold musical instruments where they do a direct deposit into my bank account. Worked great.

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    Direct deposit works great. I bought most of the SmartDrive that way because paypal was limited and takes a fee. There was no fee with direct deposit that I was told about.

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    I used PayPal for about 10 years. And I loved it. Then PayPal decided that they were not going to help me with a problem I had with a purchase. So after 10 years my account was closed by me. I was recently forced to open another one temporarily, however if and when I find a replacement I will. However, even with that said, PayPal overall is safe and a good system. There customer service and respect for their long term members is another issue.

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