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Thread: Safest way to do transactions? (paypal?)

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    Safest way to do transactions? (paypal?)

    Is Paypal the safest way to accept payment for a transaction/sale of equipment?

    I know personal checks are not a good idea since they can look like they get cashed then bounce 2-4 weeks later.

    What about USPS money orders or cashiers checks?

    I was just thinking with Paypal once they send you the money and it's in your paypal account then you are safe as the seller.

    With the Empi unit I was trying to sell I got about 4 people wanting to send personal checks that were obviously scams.

    So is Paypal the safest?

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    pretty much so, you can accept a money order, then once you cash it, send the item, but paypal is faster and easier. I see your selling, but paypal is best especially as a buyer, you have protection against fraud.. I sell alot on ebay which uses paypal, but im on a sportscard forum(hobby of mine), where cards are bought and sold and we do all our deals through paypal also..
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    I've used paypal for over 10 years now. Never a problem.
    NEVER accept checks, and always get ur money before shipping goods.

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    Paypal is good, but can take longer to get your money. I used Square Up now for most of my stuff-- money typically goes into our account the same day/night
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    Walmart money store

    For a small fee they can send the money to any walmart. Kinda like western union. You just pick a state and the money can be picked up at any walmart in that state. They will have to give your name, ID and a secret question, in return walmart gives you a code to use to pick up the funds. I've used it and it works well.

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    Ok thanks, I might still sell my Empi, I just didn't get but one response to it.

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    I think Paypal is the safest option. They also offer buyer and seller protection and tracking is included in the transactions.

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    Money orders can be faked also. Paypal is good but getting expensive so if you are planning to sell something for a high dollar amount you may want to bake the Paypal fee in.

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    Most of this thread is about protecting the seller but what about buyers? Clearly PayPal has protections but then the seller pays some % unless it's sent as a gift. Does WalMart or Moneygram offer any seller protections?

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    No question Paypal is the safest and best option for transactions of this size and nature. It is built on the basis of ebay which is essentially what we are looking for.

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