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Thread: Paralysed dogs regain movement

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    i saw on tv they found a paralyzed panda bear in china. doctors tried an experimental treatment and cured the bear.

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    The nine Cambridge dogs were harvested from the bulb..they had to open the that might explain the 33 percent seizure activity.

    Also alot of hit by car end up with some brain injury too. Hope we can get the history of these dogs.

    I wrote to Dr. Jeffery. No news yet..but it usually takes a bit of time. They are very busy.

    It mentioned combo treatments..maybe the next group?
    Said the dogs could let their owners know when their bladders are full..but still no control. Wonder how far that may advance?
    Thanks for your help.

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    If you can get Dr. Jeffery to comment, I would appreciate it. They did open the skull, but... the article doesn't explicitly state the source of the cells. The olfactory epithelium, in pictures I saw, were inside the nose, right under the olfactory bulb. With the shape of dogs' heads, they may have had to open the skull to get them.

    I am glad that the need for combo treatments is being mentioned.

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    i dont quite understand why there arent more larger animal tests done. i mean, they have to be out there.

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