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Thread: 10 of the Best and Worst Examples of Handicap Access

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    10 of the Best and Worst Examples of Handicap Access

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    I remember going to a Dunkin Donuts once, not long after I was injured. There were two handicapped parking slots with bright paint and crosshatches. I got out of my car to go in and noticed that there were no curb cutouts in the sidewalks to get into the building. I wheeled around the building twice to make sure, and found nothing.

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    ive actually been to the one in vancouver, i though it was cool.

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    They have the same set-up outside the UBC bookstore. It's actually bit freaky because the design creates an optical illusion that makes it seem like you're heading straight for the stairs.

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    my wife has a growing collection of these on pinterest:

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    ive actually been to the one in vancouver, i though it was cool.
    re: the ramp in the stairs, they are cool, but not smart. They're problematic for visual impairments (zero contrast), those who need handrails, and it's necessary to maintain complete control. Think about descending in the rain and losing grip on a handrim... a wheel slipping off an edge would be bad.

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    When I was first admitted into the state rehab center near where I lived in Tennessee ('93), I was required to be evaluated by their doctor of choice. Perversely, the doctor’s office was located above a pharmacy with no other access than a couple of steep, concrete flights of stairs located on the OUTSIDE of the building. I decided to ask in the pharmacy but noticed that there were NO curb-cuts and the curbs were at least six inches high. I had to find a place where the grass met the parking lot and work my way around. The pharmacy called the doctor, and he came down with a female nurse. They were not young or in the best of shape. The two of them struggled but managed to carry me, chair and all, up to his office. The trip was scary, to say the least. I asked him, “What the hell?” He laughed and said it was no big deal. I guess the state’s doctor choice was an example of what you get with the lowest bidder.

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