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Thread: Saving cord blood? Newborn grand daughter due in 5 days.

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    Saving cord blood? Newborn grand daughter due in 5 days.

    Never dreamed of being a first time grandfather from a wheelchair, but "it ain't about me", my only daughter is about to spit out my first grandchild in several days and we were approached about perserving the cord blood. "Best stem cells in the world", it would be "an investment into your grand daughter's future". Having the benefit of being an SCI (tongue>cheek) and student of Dr Wise's "cure forum", shame on me if I ignore prudent living in the new millennia. As "commonplace as getting your child vaccinated" they say, (vaccine preservative concerns notwithstanding). Well, it's not covered as you know, and it probably is not cheap, and the fact that I got the brochure for the cord blood bank left on my desk must indicate my daughter "ain't got bank" to pay for it. So, it's only a matter of time that I will hear, "Daddy, did you see that brochure someone left on your desk?" .....
    What's eveyone's take on preserving the cord blood?

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    Plan on it for my first great niece or nephew ... yes, it's steep in price ... but could save their life one day. I'd rather that than be asked 20yrs down the line why no one saved his or her cord blood ...
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    Hi. THere is definitely another post here similar as i remember reading it and Dr. Youngs view on the genetics of it. Maybe it was even mine. From what i remember the more other genes involved the less likelihood of a match ( as in your daughter's husband and even your wives). I was interested for my daughter (age 9) and it was my sister that was pregnant however it is far from standard procedure here in catholic ireland and public hospital consultants are not allowed to do it but there is one private bank and they employ a nurse to collect stem cell on delivery and store for 20 yrs. general cost around 5000 euro if i remember correctly. The reason i didn't go for it in the end was that my sister didn't want it-she has a belief that what is meant to be will be which shocked me at the time as she is my daughters number one supporter! the other reason i decided against it is because you can only use it once and i felt if she did it and i used stem cells for noirin i would be taking away her childs possibility of a cure if he developed any cancers treatable with stem cell or even sci. Hope this helps. Sonia.

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    I've heard of people doing that now, but don't know much about it.

    Tim-congratuations on being a Grandpa!

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    I'm not so sure I would wrap up any investment in cord blood for stem cells for future usage. It's far too expensive to do "just in case", unless there is a preexisting condition or heredity factor that will require stem cells. Scientific research is rapidly changing and with all the advances in the foreseen future saving cord blood, like it is being done today, will probably become a thing of the past...hopefully!
    I would think that the same amount of money could be used for some type of insurance coverage that would pay for what is to be developed in the future as it is needed; if it is needed.

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    Dr Young has posted on this before and you should look up his posts. I an going to do it for my grandchildren, if my children agree. In addition to SCI, stem cells offer up possibilities for many chronic diseases.
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    Congrats on being a grand dad!!!!
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    Preserve it. We agonised over whether to have another child in order to preserve cord blood for our sci daughter. Im very sorry we didnt. Take every chance.

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    i did it when my boys were born. i felt like the technology is so unknown and i would feel awful not having done it if we ever needed it.

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    does she have friends who have done it? they usually send friend referral coupons which you can use.

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