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Thread: Starting to wean off Oxycontin

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    Starting to wean off Oxycontin

    I've been on 30mg Oxycontine twice/day now for 6 months for lower back pain.
    I'm starting a self monitored weaning. My reasons for quitting are basically the same as everyone else, "monkey on the back" and I don't want the addiction anymore with it's longterm consequences. I'll live with the pain....
    Yesterday I asked my doctor to lower my dose to 20mg (they don't make 25mg sustained release). I left the office with a script for one month of 20mg Oxycontin and 60 - 10mg IR's oxycodone. I plan to go down to 15 next month and the same IR supply. I'm calling this my weaning "kit".
    Today: I split one 10mg IR (5mg) and took it with my 20mg SR to get "normal". I'll do the same thing for 2nd dose today if I feel the withdrawals, which I think I will, or I'll wait until I feel withdrawals then take the other 5mg.
    There are a lot of experienced people on this forum who have withdrawn from this "monkey". I'm asking for input from successful warriors or anyone in the process.
    What else can I do with my "kit" to speed the weaning i.e. can I get more weaning out of this before the next visit.
    I'm forever grateful to my wife for being supportive of my efforts.
    FYI, I'm not into the conventional recovery philosophy (no offense. It's just not for me) but I am addiction prone. I'm also self driven and motivated by my own set of spiritual beliefs.
    Thanks in advance for any and all input.


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    Do you have a spinal cord injury?

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