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Thread: Botox for spasms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axle View Post
    That makes sense. When then did you say the treatment lasts 3 month?
    That was another SCI-Nurse, not me, but for some it can be as short as 3 months.

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    The good news, according to my Uro, Medicare will now pay for it every 3 months. Back when I was paying for the Botox myself, ~$1200.00 retail price, I would stretch the treatment as long as I could. Problem is it wears off so smoothly it is hard to pinpoint a specific time, and it does vary even with same Uro doing it.

    Be interested to see my Medicare statement in the future, curious how much they pay for the drug.
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    I have had the botox injections in my bladder 4 times now. It lasts 9-12 months for me. It has changed my life. I use to leak all the time and had constant spasms. Now, I rarely leak, usually only if i have an infection or am sick. I only have to take an Enablex 15mg ER to help with spasms. Much better than wearing a pad or depends all the time.

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    Dysreflexia "wonder drug" ???

    I've battled chronic autonomic dysreflexia since 2006 after removal of a baseball sized bladder stone via lithotripsy. I tried most prescription and non-prescription approaches with limited success. Three bladder botox procedures proved less and less effective. I was constantly charting my erratic BP. I made notes of every possible trigger I could think of in order to find some sort of cause/ effect. Even so, my BP routinely reached dangerous levels (daily). Emergency meds (vasodialators, etc) often caused the bottom fall out --so much so I would have virtually fainted save for my being in a reclining wheelchair.

    Earlier this year, my PM&R doc referred me to their university's cardiac/ blood pressure clinic. After reviewing my case she stopped one med (Labetelol) and added DILTIAZEM ERC (180mg) 1x daily. I quickly experienced positive results. Based on my report during a follow up 3 months later, she upped me to 2x daily. My BP has been absolutely golden ever since! It's a bit higher before rising (lying down all night) and drops after getting up (110/75+). However I'm rarely above 120/80 and steady as a rock for the most part. This despite urine volumes as high as 900ml that still didn't trigger AD!! Most typically range 500-700ml.

    Other meds I take are DOXAZOSIN, BACLOFEN (3x daily) and OXYBUTYNIN (2x daily). I'm soon to turn 60, I'm 6'0," weigh 220 and have been a C5/6 incomplete quad (tetraplegic) since 1972.

    I thought I was at the end of my pharmaceutical (and botox) rope. I can't explain how or why this med works but it's been downright miraculous for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Randyman View Post
    I had the bladder botox procedure last summer --about 20 shots. Volumes increased significantly (from avg 350 to 500-550 avg/ max 700ml). Also my episodes of autonomic dysreflexia seemed less frequent and less severe. Urodynamics testing showed volume is still good but dysreflexia benefits have declined. Planning on my 2nd procedure in the next few weeks. I'll report if volumes increase further.

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    It is great to hear that this is working for you. I am concerned that you are having volumes as high as you are. Even 500 is a bit on the high side. My concern is for the overstretching of the bladder and the possibility that the urine could be pushed by upwards into the kidney.

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