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Thread: Panama Stem Cell Institute "Cell Medicine" Case Report

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    Everything about it sounds fishy

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    Just so we’re clear... Everyone thinks this is a load of shit even though this guy is showing positive results? Asking for a friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natto View Post
    Just so we’re clear... Everyone thinks this is a load of shit even though this guy is showing positive results? Asking for a friend.
    in regard to your query see post number nine for my little personal opinion. Others may think different but thats mine
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    Huge placebo effect.

    Anything that promises to treat SOOOO many things is suspect.
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    This is pricey treatment

    Spurred on by a recent infomercial by Cellmedicine's Dr. Neil Riordan and Mel Gibson on Joe Rogan's Podcast

    I proceeded to ask for a new quote for SCI treatment and compared against a quote 1.5 years ago (quotes are valid for 90 days).

    Today: US$37,200
    Jun-2016 US$32,720

    I'll add that requesting to honor the old price or trying to renegotiate any discount receives no reply. Non-negotiable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    LOL .. important to note that Mel Gibson was against stem cells in general ... with his very firm Catholocism ... even lobbied against them before Bush really knew what they were.
    No the religious zealots are against embryonic stem cells, which are now obsolete and in effect dangerous. They don’t care about stem cells derived from your own body...To my knowledge. And what’s highly ironic is what Bush did in regards to banning embryonic stem cell Research in my opinion benefitted stem cell research (obviously not implying that he knew it would do this, by the media outrage pretty much nobody saw it coming), embryonic stem cells are now clearly shown to be dangerous and obsolete. And it required researchers to look into other avenues almost all looking at more promising and safer autologous stem cells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    in regard to your query see post number nine for my little personal opinion. Others may think different but thats mine
    From what I’ve seen, especially in my earlier years when I was looking for this kind of thing in desperation. The General consensus on this board is the stem cell Institute of panama is highly suspect at best. I Ardently disparage any prospect that a spinal injury can be treated through intravenous administration of any substance ( caveat being a heavy anti-inflammatory within the first eight maximum 24 hours after injury).

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    Here is an authorised sharing of my facebook conversation with a C5-6 incomplete who recently went to Panama for stem cell treatment.

    Logan Willem Van Dyk's Panama Stem Cell treatment (c5-6 incomplete)

    Logan, did you go to Panama? What gains, if any, did you get?

    Yes I went in October for the whole month. Unfortunately no drastic changes but I am a lot stronger, working out with stem cells in my body allowed for big muscle gains
    any sensory gains? Sweating, decrease spasticity, temperature regulation, blood pressure, etc? I'm a C3-C4 incomplete looking to do stem cell therapy so your experience helps ��
    cellmedicine quoted me US$37,400. Same for you?Logan, you could help the SCI community by documenting your experience somewhere like here

    No pretty much just gain in strength. Sorry I’m really bad at checking Facebook. The overall experience was incredibly difficult because you literally live in a barely accessible room for 4 weeks. Having said that, don’t let me discourage you on account of me not knowing your living situation. I was lucky that a friend was able to come and do some heavy lifting. Him and one other person had to lift me into my plane seats plus in and out of bed every morning, night and multiple times of the day. I also recommend not flying anything but business class. We missed a connecting flight in Toronto and had to redirected through Florida. The flight from Miami to Panama City was only 2 and a half hours but I was more uncomfortable than ever before in my life. Then I had to pay two care aides twice a day, who didn’t speak any English and it was about as frustrating as it sounds. After all expenses, not including a few personal purchases, I spent just over $50,000.

    As far as recovery, spasms are the same, I just have more upper body strength. How long have you been hurt for? I dealt with a lot of sweating and blood pressure issues is the first year or two but that went away slowly. The temperature control I definitely suffered from for about 8 years, it was impossible to get warm if I wasn’t in front of a fire place. However that has slowly improved the last few years. I’m going on 10 years but I definitely feel my body’s natural healing did more for me than the stem cells did. Every injury is different though so who knows, you might have success and looking back, I’m definitely glad I went. Good luck to you!
    Can I post your quoted reply on rutgers SCI forum? It may help other people. It makes me second think a planned trip to China.

    Yeah for sure, you can definitely post it. Also I forgot to mention that I regained feeling in my lower extremities almost immediately so as far as sensory return, I cannot say. Also if you are going to do this, avoid Asia. From what I’ve heard, there are very few to no rules when it comes to stem cells and medical practices. Cancer is likely to be the only thing you get. Central America at least has rules and regulations. They treat the mass majority of successful patients
    Do you mean you got sensory recovery without stem cell treatment, or immediately when undertaking stem cell treatment?

    Without stem cell treatment. I had sensation everywhere long before planning my trip to Panama. That’s why I cannot speak to the effectiveness of stem cells on sensory return

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    Was he working out before Panama? I would bet not. Sounds like the strength has nothing to do with the stem cells. It's just from actually working out.

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