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Thread: Link to my story in local newspaper

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    Link to my story in local newspaper

    one of the small(very small) local newspapers on the west side of Houston published my story Easter weekend in their "Life and Times" section. I was expecting a small article, but it was almost two full pages. It is a small newspaper though and they didn't publish as much about the rally as I would have liked, but they did say they want to do a follow-up.

    * * I am proud of the headline on the top of the back page "Carl Richards believes he will walk again".

    Link to Article
    **It's a long read.
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    Seems to me like you ought to be proud of a lot of things. Great story. Ben Taub, TIRR, you and I've rolled a lot of the same hallways. I look forward to meeting you and your wife in DC.

    I just went over to NM, the curiosity got the better of me. Some-by no means all-of them think our lives are on hold, we sit depressed, occasionally spontaneously bursting forth into rally mode. That we plan to mope our lives away, then go beg for money.

    Carl's article reinforces my belief. We're not mopers or beggars. We're do-ers with a different emphasis.

    Get up/Stand up...Stand up for your rights-Bob Marley

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    A very inspiring story Carl!

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    A very good article. No wonder why your family is proud of you. Keep up the good work.

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