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Thread: Can he go BACK to inpatient therapy?

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    For myself, I hate the word "therapy". Sounds like we are incapable of doing what needs to be done. I doubt I've ever benefitted with anytype of continued therapy once I've been shown how to do it.

    Change that dang word to "training". Gives a much stronger connotation and the attitude of an athlete training for life.

    Best thing he could do for himself is to find a good trainer who thinks outside of the box and get into wheelchair sports or anytype of sports. He'll get more "therapy" from other athletes than anywhere else.

    I couldn't agree more.

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    Totally agree with, 'training' just sounds cooler. I maxed out my PT sessions pretty early. As an alternative, I found a good personal trainer and took her along to a PT appointment. My PT gave us a set of things to work on and I'll go for a check in in six weeks. Tons less expensive than rehab. There are also a lot of videos on the web that show workouts for people of various abilities. SciTotalFitness, a member of this site, has such an online program. It looks like a good workout and also fun. You have to be creative and be your own training and recovery advocate. I hope you find something that works for you.

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    I live in PA. Have Medicare and had Caid for a very long tome. I am tole it was jumpt through toms of hoops to get approved. This was multiple years ago. Now no longer qualify Medicaid. Outpatient Therapy Medicare has somehwhere around $1800/year cap. It IS written you CAN exceed the cap, but written need approval. It does not providce the details. I asume the aprroval is a lot of work and you need a doctor to do it for you.

    I HAVE gone through exactly what you are saying. First time years ago, I did get approved. I tried about 1 year ago and was declined.
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    truly, MF...this not said ignorantly, so do not take it that way. All I want is to make the stuff work.

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