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Thread: Long term damage of a SCI

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    Long term damage of a SCI

    I am curious say there was a cure for all nerve damage done by a SCI. What other health problems would we run into.

    Bone problems (osteo not reversing)
    Muscle mass (never going back to original size)
    Tendon (like your ancle from foot drop)
    Slow digestive
    Blood pressure

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    It will take time but I am not convinced that everything that you mentioned will not come back. Wise.

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    Hi Wise, Hi Varian...
    How many years post injury?...
    Me, 27 next july 29th...

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    Do you also believe that a cure would be able to undo central pain. I recently developed centralized pain from a peripherial nerve injury...23 years after my initial T12 incomplete injury. I am beginning to think I'll be too far gone physically when the cure comes.


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    the 3 first things in your list have a easy solution. stand 1hours/day, make some training(FES, and movility exercices), and good nutrition and this health problems can be minimize or undo.

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    If our nervous system was completely restored, issues with digestion, B/B incontinence and hypotension would resolve themselves. Those are controlled by the sympathetic system which takes its cues from the CNS. Muscle atrophy and bone loss are things we'd have to work to reverse ourselves.

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    It takes babies about 2 years to learn to walk, I figure if our spinal cords can be repaired, we'd be able to do it half that time.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    I think so too jimnms

    but it all depends on how much regeneration can take place - how much transmission and feedback can get to and from the brain

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    i've heard as little as 10 percent may be all thats needed....of course its still gimp walking....but walking nonetheless

    You can live a happy life with SCI...but don't ever become content with it...

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    10% regenerated might enable better than "gimp walking" but even 10% is a huge ask.

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