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Thread: working quads?

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    i do research in structural biology since 2009 and am a full time student
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    C-5/6 here, I'm a full-time grad student (I'd like to work, but not enough time or energy!) right now, but will be transitioning to office-type job after graduation.
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    C5 quad, work 30 hrs/week as a case manager with Oregon's Dep't of Human Services. I have the assisted living facilities, foster homes and accessible homes on my caseload. Been doing this for 11 years, hurt for 5.5 yrs. They gave me the accessible caseload after my accident. I got hurt in 8/07, went back to work 2/08. I drive, which helps tremendously. I use Dragonspeak at times at the office, but prefer to just type with my quad pinkies. I would go nuts at home all day with the kids. Plus, Oregon has a program for working disabled so I get my paycheck, Medicaid, my Medicare and work insurance; and 150 hrs/month personal care assistance and it only costs me $150 a month.

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    Quads who work...

    My son 5 years post is working full time as inside sales support for a large insurance company. Works out of the home 5 days per week.....C5C6...

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    Quads who work...

    Works out of the home on site at the Insurance Company headquarters.

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    Working out of the home would be ideal...currently I'm not working, though I do some volunteering & try to keep my mind busy with reading.
    C4/5 incomplete, 17 years since injury

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    I am so bored, and broke! lol But, I have'nt done any accounting since 2003, so am kind of afraid to do that and don't have any programs at home to use. And don't live in a good area to have a home business. On top of a mountain on a dead end road is not a good place for home accounting or home sewing. No way to get to school and back to go back to college and actually get a degree. If I could, I would choose something besides accounting. Too hard to use the ten key pad these days. I have dial up internet....that ruins doing anything on line. I wish I had been smart enough to get a degree before I got the sci! I really envy those that can work.....

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    voc rehab

    Call voc rehab for help you can surely work from home if you must, if not they can help you get more training....push, push, push!

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    Deputy Director of Contracts/Contracting Officer for the Navy. Twenty Five years.
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    My son finished his college degree after SCI C5-6-7 & L1-2 (8yrs quad) now working as a Yardmaster at Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

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