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Thread: working quads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokymtn memories View Post
    I am so bored, and broke! lol But, I have'nt done any accounting since 2003, so am kind of afraid to do that and don't have any programs at home to use. And don't live in a good area to have a home business. On top of a mountain on a dead end road is not a good place for home accounting or home sewing. No way to get to school and back to go back to college and actually get a degree. If I could, I would choose something besides accounting. Too hard to use the ten key pad these days. I have dial up internet....that ruins doing anything on line. I wish I had been smart enough to get a degree before I got the sci! I really envy those that can work.....
    I now what you are feeling smokeymtn memorries. I am going to turn 43 in Sept and now I want to return to school. I figured the best thing I can hope to do at my age is teach. I hate that I didn't go to college before this injury.
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    After years of trying to work after going to college, worrying that I can't find the right job locally & being hard on myself for "not working"....I'm learning to accept that maybe working 9-5, 40 hrs a week outside of the home in an office isn't in the cards for me.

    Even getting to & from work would be tough since I don't drive due to strong muscle spasms & the fact that I don't have good triceps & would need the more high tech driving controls. Working would require applying to the Medicaid Buy-In Program since I'd have to get up early... Still, working is a goal...I mean it's hard to date when you tell someone you don't work & are on SSDI.
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    Working full time, 8-5 m-f as a grant administrator and project manager for a small city government. Been here 17 years and love it. Coming into the office every day keeps me motivated to keep my independence and self worth and off government assistance. I'm C5/6 incomplete.

    Some of my work is paper intensive, but I also get to go out in the field to monitor construction projects and programs, so it's never boring. The grant world is flexible and ever changing so I learn something new every day too.

    I also seem to motivate co-workers, so that's fun too. If I can do it every day, they can too.

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    I'm starting school agAin through voc rehab either for cad w solidworks or mechanical engineering. I tested well for those during my tezt at voc rehab and have lots of mechanical experience ffrom before i got hurf. I spoke w/ a salesman at a docs office who offered me a job if i could learn solidwors on my own but i've had a hard time installing the torrent for the latest version and my laptop is taking a shit on me. I had 2004 and made some stuff w that but it doesn't work on Win 7. But i got his card. The program is $5000. Fortunatly I already have an AAS on automotive diagnostic and repair in 1999 and had 6 yrs exp before i got hurt when i was 23

    Here's 1 of my inventions
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    I have been continuously studying and working. C5/6 complete. Injured on Nov. 1996. Discharged from a hospital on mid of Jan. 1997. Had to be a full time student to maintain a visa status. Went back to school end of Feb. 1997.

    Since then BS, MS, 2 years of PhD (incomplete). Between each school, worked as a software engineer for total 9 years. Currently work as a Software Engineer.

    Now, I am getting tired easily.... 42 years old. Should I retire soon??

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