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Thread: Foley, leaking & Botox

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    Foley, leaking & Botox

    I applied for Botox through my very good insurance at work and was turned down.

    I plan on appealing .. but does someone have literature to show Botox helps? They said no because there was not enough evidence to show it works.

    Had to come home from work early as it malfunctioned (actually the guys at work got me laughing too hard on midnights) so I have a flaccid bladder that holds less than 50mL and stress incontinence on top with a foley cath after 20yrs+ of crede and valsalva. Unfortunately it was encouraged by my rehab almost 30yrs ago. Paying for that now.

    My uro is in Toronto ... offered two major surgeries ... One to totally bypass my bladder and the other is the augmentation.

    I'd prefer to wait until someone is capable of re-connecting bladder nerves ... But in the meantime, I've got skin disruptions from the leaking.

    A collagen shot was offered for the sphincter but then the doc changed her mind 3 months later.

    Was hoping Fampyra would help but it's been 8 months now .. so that's not going to happen.

    Signed home from the night shift early.

    This bladder BS has always been the worst part of paralysis for me ... I'm so frustrated by the lack of treatments and poor band-aid solutions.
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