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Thread: Betadine and UTI

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    Question Betadine and UTI

    Have been battling a nice UTI since late november, it has been a on and off infection and has mutated being resistant to three different meds.

    Well last night I did the unthinkable. Added about ten to fifteen drops of betadine to seven ounces of water and shook it well. Drank the concoction and then decided to worry. Throat was a bit harsh and felt raspy when breathing. Other than worrying about poisoning the kidney's, woke up fine. UTI symptoms have cleared up and just feel like resting stress free.

    Has anyone ever done this and /or is it toxic?

    Figured since one could treat uncleaned water with beta dine with a smaller dosage that it would be fine.

    Planning on giving it another run.?.

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    Have you seen any of the posts about Vetericyn? See below:

    To make it easy for me to introduce you to Vetericyn, I will take the liberty of quoting from this website (quotes below will appear in gray print):

    Vetericyn is a proprietary formulation of oxychlorine compounds based upon the Microcyn® Technology platform. Vetericyn’s base ingredient, oxychlorine, is similar to that produced by healthy cells in the body. The ingredients in Vetericyn are Electrolyzed Water (H2OSodium Chloride (NaCISodium Hypochlorite (NaOCI& Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI)(0.003%).
    Vetericyn was originally developed for wound treatment. It is not an antibiotic. It may more properly be characterized as an antiseptic. Vetericyn has a safety profile comparable to saline (safety data available in a separate report), it is non-toxic and non-irritating while safe to use around eyes, nose and mouth. It contains no steroids or antibiotics and can be easily applied with no mixing or dilution required. Rinsing after use is not required. It is used in animals and humans. Vetericyn is the name of the product used for animals (tends to be less expensive than the product marketed for humans). The same product is used in humans and is called Puracyn in the United States and Dermacyn in many foreign countries.

    Many members of the Care Cure Community are using Vetericyn instilled in the bladder and retained there for a period of time and then drained. It is being used by those of us who manage our bladders with intermittent catheterization, supra pubic catheterization, and surgically altered bladders.

    My personal testimonial is that I managed my bladder for about 15 years with intermittent catheterization. Toward the end of that period, I suffered from recurrent UTIs. While getting these UTIs under control, I consulted with a specialist about techniques to manage my neurogenic bladder. I decided to have a supra pubic catheter placed about 20 months ago, once the infections were under control. It was then that I read about Vetericyn on this website. I began using it and have not had an infection in 20 months. Once a day (at bedtime), I instill 20cc of Vetericyn, mixed with 10cc of sterile saline into my bladder. I plug/clamp the catheter for about 24-30 minutes and then drain the bladder. I don't have a bacteria colonized bladder, and my urine is clear, light, and odorless.
    Here are several threads for you to read and study. A couple of them are long and involved, but I think well worth your time and effort to struggle through them. When you are finished, you are sure to have questions. There are several of us here who will answer with our knowledge from our own experiences.

    All the best,

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    Do not drink povidone iodine (Betadine)! It is toxic if taken that way.


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    thank you gjnl. have seen some the posts your quoting.

    Thank you nurse KLD, was about to give it another go.

    Really just want to clear this up naturally if it is possible, feeling crappy is getting boring.

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    Never. Don't do that again. I hope your kidneys are okay!
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    Should I call the hospital care line?

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    Just called, got transferred to poison control. I should be fine. watch out everyone I'm toxic dude. all jokes aside they made me feel stupid.

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