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Thread: Bounder Off-Road or Frontier x5???

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    Bounder Off-Road or Frontier x5???

    After looking at lots and lots of different chairs for outdoor use, I think I've narrowed my choice down to a Bounder off-road package or a frontier x5. I want something that will go very well in snow but will be narrow enough to fit up the ramp in my adapted minivan. There just aren't that many options for good outdoor chairs that are less than 29" wide. Or at least I haven't seen them, lol.

    So, would anybody like to throw their vote for either the Bounder or the X5? Looking for advice from anyone with experience with either one. Thanks for the input!

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    I have never used either one of the chairs but if it were a toss-up, I would go with the Bounder...100% made in America.

    If you view the videos, you will see how versatile these chairs are.

    Good luck.

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    Same here. I've heard little or no tales of woe with a Bounder. there was also that English guy who used to come here that re-built his powerchairs to be outdoor monsters.

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    Why would 100% made in America be the primary reason to choose one chair over another? Seems a bit short-sighted to me, unless of course it is better, cheaper, easier to get parts, etc. With that mentallity it is no wonder the US is having a hard time competing internationally on manufacturing. Nothing wrong with pride, but emotion alone is hardly a reason to recommend one chair over another.
    Quote Originally Posted by Millard View Post
    I have never used either one of the chairs but if it were a toss-up, I would go with the Bounder...100% made in America.
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    The Frontier X-5 is made in Australia and would not be best used in an area with heavy precipitation, have one. The Omegatrac, best and Ranger Wheelchairs, Yukon. The correct tires are everything. If you have narrow tires, lugs that don't clean or fill up your screwed. Wide knobby tires, even on somewhat standard powerchairs work wonders. Heavier chairs are better than lighter ones, longer ones better than short. Adjustible suspension outstanding. A seat closer to the ground helps with center of gravity. Ramps and snow don't mix.

    Heck, a Quickie S636 with wide knobbys will go like hell, I do prefer front wheel drive as it pulls me thru.

    Find a couple extra wheels and put agressive tires on them. Expands your options. After all, unless you live in someplace like me, how often are you on soft, slippery or irregular terrain. All the big boys do some things better than others. PM me if you would like.
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    I have a frontier X5 that I love! i prefer mid wheel drive to any other chair. I have both the knobby tires and the narrower indoor tires. I used to be outdoors all the time and in the snow sometimes before my back got bad. I've gotten it stuck in both snow and mud but that's because I was trying . you can get stuck if your not careful too. one thing to consider is once you get your casters ( the small tires on the wheelchair) to sink you're pretty much screwed. also when I was in the snow it was very hard to keep the chair going straight. You constantly had to re-correct the direction because it would pull to the left then to the right and then left Back and forth. It's just because of the way the casters react in the snow.
    I really have had no problems with my chair besides flat tires. If you decide to get it make sure you get the casters that have the split rim. They are nearly impossible to change when you get a flat and you will. I run my tires soft for comfort and flotation. It's a little bit of a smoother ride.
    Also another thing to consider is it seems like the caster wheels will hop. In a sense that the caster lifts off the ground especially when I am on carpet. I believe it's because the rubber wheels have so much traction or drag on the carpet. Its just when you turn a certain way. I will try to get video of it and i will look for my video of me in the snow.

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    I finally found my Video footage of me playing in snow with my x5 frontier. It sort of wig wags back and forth when you get into a few inches of snow. It's because of the casters. Anyway, I love my X5 frontier and not had any problems with it except flat tires. Hope this video helps someone.

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    It looks sooooo cold there brrrrrrrrr

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