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Thread: Rather odd marketing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crappler View Post
    That, my fellow "special" friends, is simply good marketing.
    Exactly. I imagine that all of their new stuff will be introduced this way in the future because of the buzz it created. Good or bad, it's free publicity.

    And I'm with others concerning the use of the word "power". It's doubtful their initial intention was to only hint toward the release of the upcoming AeroT. And gaawd is that thing homely with the large-size tubing with all those bends. If they would utilize a mandrel-bender instead of pinch bending all their tubing their chairs would look far superior.

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    Saying that we are "upset" is a bit patronizing and makes it sound like we are overly emotional and have no intelligence to know what TiLite is trying to accomplish.

    Possibly for seating clinicians and DME's it is effective, but the comments here are suggesting that not all end users appreciate a too vague teaser campaign for marketing medical equipment.

    If I was measuring the success of the ad based on what has been written here, I would say that it has been negative for end user brand loyalty. That is simply not good marketing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crappler View Post
    Some of you are quite upset over the marketing of whatever this new chair is, yet it's is being talked about heavily. Do you ever think that might be part of the plan?
    Send out a teaser email, one with no link mind you, and create a buzz, positive or negative, so the consumer wants to learn more about the possible new product.
    That, my fellow "special" friends, is simply good marketing.
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    This pretty much seal the fate of TiLite for me. Next chair will be a.... TiLite.
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