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Thread: Anyone use anticholinergics with benign side effects?

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    Anyone use anticholinergics with benign side effects?

    I am just starting Toviaz this week and already hard to tolerate the dry eyes and mouth. The baclofen I take does that already, so it is a double whammy! I am using drops 3 to 4 times a day and it is still umcomfortable. I know these all have side effects of "drying out" but was wondering if some are better than others....

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    It is pretty much trial and error to find the one that causes you the least side effects. Options for those who do intermittent cath is to do intravesical instillation of oxybutinin (which causes much fewer side effects) or to consider bladder Botox instead.


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    I tried several before settling on Ditropan ER. As I got older the dryness got worse, so I cut back to a pill every 28 hours. It works for me, but I tend to be a bit obsessive.

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    I use Ditropan XL at a high dosage (have not tried any others). It does give me quite a dry mouth but I prefer that to leaking and having to wear diapers. I use a mouth rinse prescribed by my dentist. It doesn't bother me all day.

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    I take vesicare and the only annoying side effect for me is blurry vision :-(

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