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Thread: Average lifespan for battery in adapted minivan?

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    Average lifespan for battery in adapted minivan?

    Anyone know? Got mine 2 yrs ago only, but keeps dying on me. Just curious what you other minivan owners (with lowered floor, hand controls) have experienced in regards to average battery lifespan. Thanks
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    About the same. maybe 3 years. Even when not running, there's a lot of equipment draining the battery. In the winter I used to have to get jump starts all the time. Even after purchasing the highest cold cranking amps battery.

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    At the very least you should get 3 years out of a battery, unless you're making a lot of short trips, or infrequent usage.

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    If short trips and/or infrequent trips is your problems, you might consider having your mechanic install a battery trickle charger.

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    I had a problem with short battery life, and switched to an Optima yellow top. It is a two stage battery that has a "deep charge" for electronics, ramp motors, and the like, and regular cranking capacity. It was a couple of hundred bucks from Amazon, but well worth the additional cost. I think that Sears has a Diehard that uses the same technology and has a longer warranty.
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    I have never had any issues with my van batteries. Maybe the severity of your winter seasons has some effect on your battery life.
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    Is it the same battery that is in your engine bay or is it on a separate system? If it's the same one that your engine runs on take it to a shop and tell them that it's draining. They'll check your van's alternator - the thing that charges the battery while you're driving.

    There also may be a device - lift, etc - that's drawing a tiny amout of current when the van is off. Not sure how to fix that.

    You could invest in a stronger battery. They're more expensive, but should hold out better. Look at the CA and CCA ratings on your current battery and get something with more.

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    MN climate may not help either.
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    thanks guys. well here's the crazy thing - i do have an exterior auxilary switch on my van (got it at a RV place). i turn it off everytime i park (especially in the winter), so no power is leeched from my battery whenever i park. this fixed my van dying problems yrs ago....but now even that isn't helping.

    i got the battery at walmart. i heard if you go back there they'll test your battery for free. i think i'm going to go there first (hoping its not the alternator. are there any specific signs that point to an alternator problem?).

    just worried it might die if i drive there! uggg
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    all of a sudden your radio dies and lights dim...things start making noise, but that was in my Ford 150
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