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Thread: Optical Neuritis (sp?)

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    I do appreciate the "preaching"...I do tend to be a stubborn SOB and often need to be drug by the ear., the symptoms are gone. I'm seeing clearly again. I will certainly discuss this with the doctor on the 7th, but, at the moment. things are back to my "normal"

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    Glad things are better and glad you didn't get mad at me for being so pushy. Hope this new team of Dr.'s you are working on can get you some much needed answers.

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    From what I've read about steroid treatment of MS symptoms, they do not affect the eventual outcome of a relapse-remission (i.e., the amount of residual disability), they only reduce the length of the relapse. And sometimes they only interrupt the relapse by providing a temporary reduction of symptoms, which then flare again after the steroid treatment stops.

    I've never taken steroids for flare control, and I doubt I ever will. I am medically retired (on SSDI), so would rather accept the normal course of a flare than the potentially wicked side effects of steroids. I know a young lady (30ish) who had to have a hip replaced because of intravenous steroid treatment for ON.
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