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Thread: 1000 miles on my snowmobile!

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    Snowmobiling is so much fun and you've got a great sled!

    Good for you with the 1,000 miles..........woohoo!

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    Becripeq. What are Gen III Simmons skis?
    K-Dog, How do you like the Ski-doo. I had a hard time riding them, too tippy for me.

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    Funny you say that. I tipped it over within the first 3 kms. Lack of experience and too much confidence. Since then I have not had any issues(knock on wood) I just stay away from steep ditches especially when trying to go up them on an angle. Chalked it up to learning how to ride a sled.

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    Gen III skis are wider than stock. 8 inches instead of 6.

    K-dog, I have a ski doo too. An older Formula and I tipped that sucker over on me. LOL. After and when I decided to go new I bought the widest sled possible. It makes a huge difference. I think you can widen your ski stance. I would widen to 42 inches if possible. My arctic cat doesnt tip at all.

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    Jealous! We just don't get enough snow around here to validate the cost of getting one ...
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    Are the Simmons concave. I had a set of skis 30 years ago that had dual carbide runners on the out side edges of the skis, concave and flexible. They floated in powder like a blimp and go down a packed trail like a slot car.

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    No they arent concave but they do have dual runners and are pretty nice on both hard and soft snow. They are also wide giving more stability.

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    I ride a Yamaha Apex MTX and have been wanting to change the skis since mine dart a lot on the trail. I also like the idea of the backrest, I wonder if I can retro fit it to a Yamaha?

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    I had a universal back rest on my Polaris. You could slide it forward and back pretty easy. Check your carbides and the ski alignment. If the carbides are worn out the sled will wander. If its toed in it will be nervous or darty.

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