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Thread: Video-my latest standing/steps at PT

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    You look very strong, Darla and I hope your continued work is rewarding. I've been to your blog and think you're an amazing and positive example of what can be accomplished with sci. I have a theory about neuro return. I think people hit plateaus and then stop trying new things because they think they're done. Then muscles atrophy even more and its harder to detect change. If a person keeps pushing the boundaries, that's when they're likely to notice improvements and take advantage of them. Keep up your hard work and let us know how you do.

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    I've been doing the standing, and getting a tiny bit stronger, but its increasing my pain level at night- not fun...

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    The standing is super-hard and not fun... still going for it a few times a week. This week I'm in Kona and doing lots of swimming so less standing is ok. Also, I also forgot that here in the hot weather my feet swell so my afo's don't fit very well.

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