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Thread: Alternating Pressure Mattress "BEST"

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    Alternating Pressure Mattress "BEST"

    what is the best alternating pressure bed overlay mattress. i have some cheap invacare mattress ghat i can buy off ebay 60-70$. i have a sore (another story) off and on fo 4 years. my nurse thinks this mattress from invacare ISGPM100C will rock my world. the bed is not the problem and i have tried all conventional wc cushions except roho quatro. i have help that can't help with roho pressure.
    back to bed. what is best and i am poorer than poor will purchase myself.

    sore is about size of a valium. clear it up in couple of weeks then get up up for less than 3 hours and it busts back open. tried jay2, roho single chamber, stimulite classic,and contour. i baby this place. right ischial when jay2 went flat. been a quad 35 years and this is about to get the best of me. nurses and small town wound care doctor are baffled. i am an out door guy. this is killing me. anyone had a place that small that just want go away. i have use conventional wound treatment and miracle mist - vetericyn.
    any help on wound and mattress apreciated.

    before asked
    never been mapped - hmo re tape
    i have to go to doctor tomorrow. will use a new varilite or a stimulite bariatric i bought and cut to my size (16"wx!8").

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    What up bud. The temperpedic 3" bed topper has been good on my skin, the biggest mistake constantly being corrected is body positioning. same with sitting go for a 90 degree back angle to prevent sheer and be sure to fix your sitting bones before your journey.

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    Hey rollin try this on your sore works great

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