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Thread: What Does Everyone Here Do for Health Insurance?

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    Like some others...I have Medicare & Social Security Disability. I haven't needed Medicaid yet but likely will when I'll have need for more assistance/caregivers. Unfortunately, for many of us including me, there's a stigma about needed ''assistance from the government''.
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    I have insurance through my place of work.
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    Medicare and SSDI here. But I had to work full-time for 29 years to get them.

    I have about 10 years left in my long term care insurance account.

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    I was lucky enough to get in on the Texas Health Risk Pool, which they hooked me up with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Although it's not cheap for the premiums I pay around $450 a month with an 80/20 $5000 deductible. So I've been really happy about that, before that I was a dependent on my mother's insurance policy from when she worked. Mutual of Omaha with the $10,000 deductible (ridiculous!)

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    I'm on indiana medicaid but the monthly spend down amount is more than I get a month on unemployment.

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