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Thread: What Does Everyone Here Do for Health Insurance?

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    What Does Everyone Here Do for Health Insurance?

    I recently got divorced. I was on my wife's health insurance plan. I work as a contract employee so I get no benefits. I have been trying to find affordable health insurance for 2 months now. Currently I am paying $575 a month for COBRA. I make $32K so I am about to the bottom of my savings account. Mention the word Coumadin and the insurance salesmen run like hell. I seriously would be much better off to quit my job and go on SSI. But for some reason I feel morally obligated to tow the line.

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    Thank the good lord for the government. Between the VA taking care of me and Tricare for my family, this is one thing I don't have to worry about. Honestly, the health care for life is worth more to me than my pension.

    Of course, without the military, I wouldn't need it, but still...

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    I got the government plan that cost 311.00 a month with a 2000 deductible. And a lot of things aren't covered. If your plan is pretty good what your paying isn't that bad. But I would keep it and see what happens when the exchanges open up at the end of the year with obamacare. From what i'm hearing from the people that sell health ins. be prepared because premiums are going way up next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsMaisin View Post
    You break it, you buy it. Goes for people too.
    Not for all people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patton57 View Post
    Not for all people.
    My bad. I meant for the US vets. I know it's a lot harder (a lot being the understatement of the year) for people who don't have that luxury.
    Played with bombs- No SCI, Brain Damage enough that I require a chair and a caregiver.

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    I'm currently covered on my husbands insurance. My Medicare just kicked in February 1st but I'm not quite sure how all of that works yet. I also have my Indian card for back up in case either of the previous two fail. Thankful for all of them.
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    I belong to a local Chamber of commerce whose members have access to a group health plan. You might also check with your state to see if they have a high risk pool.

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    I work full time and am on a Medicaid program for working people with disabilities (for NY State). I can make up to about 56,000. There are limits on assets. The majority of states have a program like this but they vary from state to state in how much you can earn.

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    I'm on medicare and like Offroaderswife I have Indian Health, they pay for my co-pays on most procedures and medications I may need. I hardly use either though, I don't take any medications on a regular basis so I don't have to worry about that expense. I went for six months without healthcare when waiting for medicare, but I was ok cuz I'm rarely sick. It is good to know that I have something though.
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    Ry has regular group health coverage through his dad's employer. In addition, he has Medicare (as he is social security deemed disabled-there are income and asset limits that are not an issue for him). he also has Medicaid that pays for his Medicare premiums and drug plan. He does take meds on a regular basis and the co-pays on the drugs alone are huge.

    I would suggest that you explore Medicare with a supplement as you are loosing group health coverage. Your income and asset allowance may be a factor, maybe not. You do not have to be collecting social security benefits to be eligible for Medicare. You never know unless you ask.

    The way group health plans work with Medicare is pretty straight forward. If the group has 100 eligible participants (not necessarily covered, but eligible), the group plan is primary. Medicare then covers the co-insurance ant other out of pocket expenses. Let's face it, 20% of an outpatient procedure is still more than is in my checking account this month. The same applies with Medicare and a supplement. There are many plans available and they are expensive because no one under 65 is covered by Medicare because they are healthy but you may be able to save some money each month. You are paying too high of a percentage of your disposable income on health care. You also might have to consider a more traditional job that has group health benefits. You would not be the first person to keep the job for the bennies. --eak
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