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Thread: Anybody making money with affiliate marketing?

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    Lightbulb Anybody making money with affiliate marketing?

    The more I research, the more I find I need to know to be competitive with an affiliate marketing web site. I've finally narrowed my niche to what I know best - disability and aging.

    When selling personal care medical supply products like catheters, do you need special certification? How about wheelchairs or other medical equipment or devices?

    Many companies offer their affiliate marketing program on their web sites, but if they don't, how do you approach companies to market their products? Are there contract templates or software that would track the sales?

    Anybody out there making a living from affiliate marketing? It seems like a great way to work if you need to stay at home.

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    My ex is doing affiliate marketing for a diet company. This particular company only accepts affiliate coaches who are success stories with their diet plan.

    She also does work on the side in a from home hobby turned business that she is very good at.

    All in all, it works for her, but she has a lifelong background in sales. Even though she works from home, she knows how to market herself.

    It is competitive. It can also be a money loss if you don't have what it takes to be outgoing and out there in putting yourself and your product in peoples view.
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