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Thread: Rehab in Colorado

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    Rehab in Colorado

    I have injured my shoukder...again , and will require surgery in about four-six weeks. This is presenting a miriad of logistical issues. I will be having the surgery at the Steadman Clinic in Vail and will recouperate in CO for about a month before returning to Boston for the "off-season". I will basically be on my own after surgery as my team mates and roomates will have returned home by then. We also must leave athlete housing by May 1st.

    I am not hugely confident that I will be
    able to manage much of anything independently after surgery. My questions are...

    1. Does going to a rehab after surgery seem reasonable?
    2. Can someone recommend a GOOD rehab that I can gi to after Steadman Clinic where I can get good, goal oriented rehab (I am a competitive skier), that can also deal with the dact that I also happen to have a SCI. In other words-not a post hip replacement/CVA type place that is primarily for the elderly. I am near Aspen/Vail but can go ti Denver also, I would imagine.
    3. Any recommendations, personal experiences or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Please pardon typos.My laptop is down and phone typing is not my strong suit
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    What type of surgery??

    If it is a rotator cuff repair, it is likely you will not be allowed to do any active movement of the shoulder for up to 6 weeks, and only then allowed to start doing real shoulder therapy exercises. At our center, this is how we do it. We do hospitalize our patients who cannot be at home without any shoulder use during that 6 weeks, but that is unlikely to be approved for inpatient rehab through your insurance, whether Medicare or private insurance. We provide a power tilt-in-space wheelchair during that time, since regular weight shifts are not possible, and all transfers are done with a lift. Staff provide ADL (dressing, bathing) and personal care (bowel, bladder, skin, etc.) that you cannot do without shoulder use or weight bearing on that arm. In the private sector, generally this means being at home with family or attendants providing this care, or going to a nursing home during that time.

    Once you are past the 6 weeks, then some inpatient rehab units would accept you (with prior insurance authorization) for the 3-4 weeks of inpatient shoulder rehab you would need to get up to full weight bearing and independence in ADLs. I would strongly urge you to try to get into the SCI rehab program at Craig (near Denver) if at all possible for this.

    I am moving this to the Doctors & Clinics forum.


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    Thanks KLD.
    I will be having an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and they will remove a portion of my glenoid process as well. I am going to be in CO completely by myself after the surgery. Just to clarify- did you say I could not go to an inpatient program
    like Craig until six weeks after surgery? Also, when you were explaining what was done were you are, were these things for the time after surgery or after the six week mark?

    Who would I call-at Craig, maybe- to find out more about post-op logistics?
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    Sorry, I was not more clear. Since I work in the VA, we don't have to follow the insurance approval and Medicare guidelines that private rehab centers do.

    We provide the care described above during the 6 weeks of total shoulder rest, and then also during the 3-4 weeks of shoulder rehab, in decreasing amounts then as the person is allowed to do active shoulder movement, start lifting small weight, and start doing some weight bearing, which occurs after the 6 weeks.

    Call Craig and ask for the admissions office/pre-admissions screener. They can get you the right contacts.


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    Got it, thanks I will put in a call to them. I appreciate the help.
    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." - My Grammie

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