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Thread: Diapers for lack of trunk control

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    Diapers for lack of trunk control

    I recently came across a campaign to raise awareness of synthetic "marijuana" run by the parents of a girl who had suffered strokes after taking a lot of it last December. A week ago they published a photo of the young girl, Emily Bauer, crying, claiming that she had been crying "help" for 45 minutes because she needed to pee. She was wearing a diaper, and the rehab staff believed it was not safe to lift her onto the toilet because of her lack of trunk control, so she was expected to just pee in her diaper. They do not say what she does about bowel movements.

    The page is here:

    And the photo of her crying is here, with comments:

    I discussed this with a friend, who herself uses them for other reasons (she has some degree of incontinence, but she is bedbound, has bladder spasms and would otherwise be on the bedpan pretty much all the time), and she told me that there are in fact supports that are available for when someone in this sort of situation. Emily does have spasms, and a baclofen pump is being considered.

    Does anyone else know if this is a good enough reason to keep someone in diapers if they're not incontinent? Or are the rehab staff being lazy, or incompetent? (They also did not talk to her mother, who is there with her, about range of motion exercises - she found this out by herself.)
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