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Thread: Padded seats for hotel?

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    Padded seats for hotel?

    My bp take up to two hours on toilet. At home seat is padded. In a hotel it would not be.

    1. Is it safe to be on a non-padded seat for very long? My sense is that even with weight shifts it would be dangerous.

    2. Is there a portable cushion or other device for safely using hotel toilet seats?

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    roho makes cushions for toilet seats
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    Have you tried something to shorten up your bowel program??? Magic Bullet?? Enemeez???

    The Roho toilet seat pad is OK, but the straps are easily torn:

    The Carex one is OK for some:

    Sammons makes this one:

    I assume you don't need a raised toilet seat...


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    I'm in Australia, but the company here that supply commodes also make a raised toilet seat that is pretty much the same as the padded cushion on a commode, but has metal support that fit on to the toilet seat. Not sure if this helps you as it's still pretty bulky for transport. I definately wouldn't be using a hard seat for that long.

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    I have the roho and the carex. I actually prefer the carex one. I would not recommend either of them for two hours though.
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