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Thread: Living knowing NOTHING CAN BE DONE to even help...

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    Living knowing NOTHING CAN BE DONE to even help...

    I really hate we are so far along n other medical areas... yet, those of us, with life changing... life ending pain... was we know it... and some of KNOW,... absolutely NOTHING can ever help. Its hard... but no combinations of meds, all the surgeries, including Drez in Colorado.... does absolutely nothing. My take after living with the DEVIL inside my spine.. is when you have THIS.. THIS SUPER high level of SCI Neuropathic pain... your simply fucked... PERIOD. ALL the Morphine, percoset, pain patches, and have had a long a 12 hour surgery... even that... cant help my sorry ass. So, I just sit and wait till I get a few moments of feeling a little like a human.. have a laugh or two... then the devil comes back... and well, that is it. It all depends on level of pain. If your level is simply so high... i KNOW... and have been told by the top Drez Surgeons in the World... this it... IM done... nothing left. Sorry to tell the truth... but it all depends on your level. Some THINK they have bad pain... and in reality it is likely puppy dog pain. Otherwise, they could never leave their bed and even move, they would cry out in pain and try to sleep until it lightens up bit. Maybe Drez can help that level. But hard core, life changing and ending pain... sorry... it aint gonna cut it! Wish I were wrong after 10 years of torture.
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    Just sent you a PM...

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    My husband is in ur same boat

    What, if anything, gives u relief? Have you tried marijuana? A tens unit What drug cocktail do you take?

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