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Thread: Question about first trip overnight in hotel

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    Question about first trip overnight in hotel

    Hi! I am very happy that a transverse myelitis specialist has reviewed my sons med records and wants to see him. She is a 5 + hour ride away, a ride worth taking to see a doctor that studies TM, whatever the result.

    We are going to spend the night. This will be his first time in a hotel or in a non hospital type bed. He can transfer with some help and the board to the hospital bed, but I'm worried about the hotel beds. Typing this I realize I can phone and ask for the bed height -- if the beds are really high we might have a problem.

    Any travel tips for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!

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    Call and ask about the shower. Wheelchair accessible sometimes means bars around the toilet and a tub. You probably want a roll in shower.
    I always take a shower chair in my van just in case.
    I always take a plunger in my van; heavier use of TP can stop up the toilet.
    Take a bed pad if needed.
    You might want to take extra blankets if your son gets cold.

    Good luck.
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    Hello Mommy cares,Thats great your son will be seeing someone who knows about Tm. there so many questions to ask. I have Tm i am a older person with TM since i had it i met a couple of younger people with it. i was lucky i had a neuro. who did the right things like steroids and the plasma treatments. but nothing so scary to get out of bed and get paralized in about an hr. mabe less then that. i hope the dr. can help your son. what Zen said about travel sounds good. i never went overnight sorry can not give input. but want to say good luck seeing doctor.

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    you can tell the concierge at the hotel to have maintenance take the bed off the frame. this lowers the bed to regular height making transfers easier. if they ask why, explain the reason.
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    These are good suggestions. Thank you! We are very excited, regardless of the results it'll be an adventure!

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