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Thread: Voice recgnitin on a MAC

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    Voice recgnitin on a MAC

    I'm sorry I can't find the previous thread, where I asked about Dragon on a Mac and learned it was not very good. I'm wondering if anything has changed, if you can do good with recognition now on a Mac in any way. Since so many of Apple's devices use voice recognition, I can't help thinking they must've made something work on the Mac.

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    There is DragonDictate for the Mac, which is made by the same people who make Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but from what I understand is way behind on how it allows you to interface with the computer and its accuracy.

    I know you've had problems with Dragon NaturallySpeaking in the past, but in my opinion it's the only game in town worth considering.
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    Random, go to the Dragon Dictate forum to find out more on voice recognition on a Mac. I use Dragon Dictate as well as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. From my experience you are better off with DNS.
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