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Thread: Trunk tightening and spasms....

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    Trunk tightening and spasms....

    Hey all- I've been experiencing some major trunk tightening and leg spasms for the past year or two. Its all related to my need to have a bowel movement. When I have a large stool waiting the tightness (and tingling) in my legs is CRAZY! I have a baclofen pump, which offers some relief during the time my colon is empty, but it feels non-existent when I'm symptomatic.

    I usually do my BP once a day, and often do it twice. I'm productive and not blocked of backed up. This is just driving me nuts.

    I'm a T-2 ASIA A complete, and was just wondering if others out there have experienced the same thing and what they did to help. Any ideas?


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    yes it has..and for the life of me I still don't know exactly the cause.
    I suspect it was bowel related as well, but yes, it would still spasm and hurt like hell like someone is punching you in the gut spams even after a bp.

    I have not had it for a while now..I do a The Ultimate meal shake (Steven turned me on to it!) with apple and blueberry every morning and 2 probiotics. Drink lots of water.

    Also, no dairy-which can cuase gas and yeah..maybe spasms? ALso no gluten.

    also maybe try a chiro..t-12 can be compressed form sitting and that innervates bowel area and when I had my treatment my spasms went crazy! SO that is the spot!

    Good luck!
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    I never thought about a Chiro, but maybe you're on to something. You're certainly right about the gas- the spasms are just as bad if not worse when I'm loaded with air. The problem is that EVERYTHING causes gas in me since my gallbladder was removed.

    I was starting to think that it may be a prostate issue, or colon issue since I have no "feeling" down there and cant Dx it with regular docs, but since you have it too, I think I can rule out the prostate side of things ;-)

    Thanks for the input!

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