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Thread: Road Trip

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    thank you all for this information, it is very helpfull.

    we are planning to spend around 6-8 days in this area, we could make a detour through Arisona if we have time.

    we are fortunate in that I am AB so a few steps isnt that big an issue, although we would like to avoid it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RSA View Post
    Hi all
    We are planning a trip to the USA and part of the trip is going to be a Road Trip from San Francisco, Las Angeles, San Diego ending in Las Vegas. We are looking to do that over 9 days, maybe skipping San Diego. We are going to book our accommodation in SF and LV the rest we will do a bit homework and decide when we get there. Our date is going to be early August.
    Any Advice will be appreciated.

    Yosemite and the Grand Canyon are worth trying to see, but SF and then down 1 will alone take your breath away. Check out the art museum in SF, GG bridge and Muir Woods near the bridge. Go early.
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    Arizona and Vegas will be 100+ F in August, so travel accordingly.

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    we are staying over for 3 days either in Sana Cruz or Montery

    can any one tell me which is the best? trying to relax a bit with some "drive outs" to the area?


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    I love both areas, but there is more to do in Monterey. You could go over to Santa Cruz for a half day from Monterey very easily if you have a car. Things I love to do in Monterey (one of my favorite get-aways) include the following:

    • The Monterey Bay Aquarium (easily a day here)
    • Cannery Row (touristy, but fun shopping mostly)
    • Carmel (shopping and good restaurants)
    • Carmel Mission (one of the most beautiful of the original Spanish Missions)
    • Drive the 17 Mile Drive (fee for entrance, but worth it)
    • Point Lobos State Park
    • Watching for sea otters from the walkway that goes from the Aquarium all the way around the point through Pacific Grove along the ocean.
    • Drive down the first 50 miles of the Big Sur Coast for spectacular views (try lunch at Nepenthe)

    You can also take a day trip over to Salinas if you are a John Steinbeck fan...the museum there devoted to his work is very interesting.


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    Thank you

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