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Thread: Seeking any advice, help, information...anything

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    Hi Heather,

    I know you & your boyfriend are going through so much with his recent injury, but hang in there...over time in the next few weeks to months his injury should stabilize & he should get some recovery after what's known as 'spinal cord shock' or swelling wears off.

    He's fortunate to have loved ones like you supporting him as he is in the hospital & goes through what for many of us who've has spinal cord injuries, was initially a terrifying time.
    Loved ones, like a girlfriend are usually a huge source of support at a time like this after a traumatic injury when it seems your entire life & existence is turned upside least in my case my girlfriend at the time all those years ago was when I first got hurt. Remember to take care of yourself too.
    C4/5 incomplete, 17 years since injury

    "The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.” - Carlos Castaneda

    "We live not alone but chained to a creature of a different kingdom: our body." - Marcel Proust

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    I agree with all these posts in response to your reaching out for help. It has been 6 1/2 years since my injury. C5/6 incomplete. I was 60 at the time of injury. Totally paralyzed and on vent for starters. The first two years incredibly painful but I kept moving - or being moved. Found some great P/T's and now I walk several times a day. (in the early days I could barely do 30 seconds in the standing frame without passing out). I recently was able to stand up from a chair and remain standing completely balanced without the help of anyone. This was huge for me. My fingers started coming back a year or so ago and I can use an Ipad. Bowel and bladder have gotten better but still not perfect by any means. Your journey will have its own story and as others have said, don't give up hope, don't listen to doctors who say you he won't walk again, do everything you can to get the body moving again. You and he can do it and will do it if you forge ahead.

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    First of all I just wanted to tell you all THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Each of you have helped so much in your own ways and have given me awesome advice to work with. Some things I am extremely grateful for I would have never thought of it or never would have approached it the way you mentioned.

    I'm sorry it has been so long! I headed back to school after the first week and now have started picking up a few work hours again. But it was so comforting to get the email alerts someone replied!

    Ryan is doing so good! He has been off the breathing ventilator for 72+ hours. We are looking to transfer him to rehab soon! They will be weaning him off the trach as well as starting physical rehab. I am getting good at reading lips!

    Thank you again so much everyone. I can't wait to show him this site with such great advice and personal experience from every angle. I cannot express how grateful I am to have stumbled upon this place!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by bulletc5 View Post
    stay supportive, but first and foremost stay his girlfriend/wife (when it happens) and not his caregiver.
    This is excellent advise. My accident was about a year ago & I have been blessed/lucky in my progress/healing. I was in the hospital for 9 months, but I do remember my wife and I discussing our future - and her future as my wife and NOT my caregiver. You may want to help, but in my opinion, help him do things on his own. Keep private things private. This forum has been so helpful, realistic, and healing - stay strong.

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