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Very helpful discussion.
I also find that after standing and putting weight on my feet, the tingling and "sense" of them increases. Its like I feel them there, although not EXACTLY where.

I'm going to do weekly video updates of my standing exercises on my blog. Next month, it will be from a condo in Hawaii! So if the standing depresses me, the snorkeling will cheer me up
Yes and,,,, today's bright move required taking out the window on the screen door(removed!) shoveling the 2'x2' path to let the door open and than struggling across the 24" of snow to clean off the truck. Made it, cleaned off the monster 4x4 and started it up, got it warm and packed the driveway down, and than there was the "tingling" yes, there still there, the kicker,,,, I wasn't wearing any shoes, or socks,,, but hey I had a coat on......