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Thread: Anyone Standing without proprioception?

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    Anyone Standing without proprioception?

    I've begun to try to stand on my AFO's again after several rounds of hope and failure. Having no sense of where my feet are (although I feel tingling) and very little with my legs its hard to tell if I'm in the right position unless I look in a mirror or straight down at them while I'm standing (which works against good posture).

    Does anyone else stand or walk with AFO's and a walker with very little proprioception?

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    I have no sensation nor proprioception in either feet. I have motor in one. I use only one AFO. I use forearm crutches. One has to rely on vision to make up for lack of sensation/proprioception. Glad you are trying. The worst that can happen is you fall or fail....

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    That's good to know & you're right better to try & fail than not try. The way I do it now with being "spotted" I don't think I'll fall.

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    I am kind of like Arndog. My left is no bueno and I use an AFO for that foot. I am trying very hard to over come my lack of sensation in my left foot, but it is a challenge. I watch mt feet all the time. The crazy thing is my lack of sensation and proprioception in the left cause funky over compensation in my right. That is the bigger challenge to over come I think.

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    Don't turn out the lights, I win every time, errr,,,, I'm the first to hit the floor!

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    Amazing you guys can walk with that limitation. This sci is some crazy mix of "stuff"

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    To clarify- I DO NOT walk well at all without a cane or crutches yet. I know that I will though. My left abductors and glutes are still learning to stabilize me. I stumble around a bit unassisted, but I would never go anywhere without my gimpliments.
    It is improving but my inability to walk is not related to my lack of proprioception. It is mostly weakness or lack of return in the muscles that stabilize my left hip. Since I am improving I hope that it is the former. I can get stronger. But I realize it could very well be the latter, in which case all the training in the world won't solve it.
    I do alot of balance/strength exercises designed to both strengthen those muscles and teach my brain to how to properly compensate for my lack of proprioception at the same time.

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    Check this out - this guy got a virus that erased all his proprioception overnight - only a few cases have ever been diagnosed, and he is the only one to walk.
    Fascinating watch.......

    I will add that as you somewhat allude to the only way I know where my right foot is is generally through nerve pain, and I can walk with crutches.

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    I too can with the use of forearm crutches and walls in the house. lights must be on for sure. Like Steve i can identifie the location of my feet a little with the Nero pain but the biggest help I think has been my past before SCI. I had great balance as a Trials rider and moving cattle on horse back as a boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cjt8 View Post
    the biggest help I think has been my past before SCI. I had great balance as a Trials rider and moving cattle on horse back as a boy.
    I did both those things as well!
    So many times i say "man, I'm glad I rode trials for 15yrs"
    It saves my ass over & over

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